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Bright Side After Dark Episode 7: The One With Greg Esposito

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Come listen to this podcast amongst friends. If Guardians of the Galaxy was less funny, not filmed, didn't have actors, and was just a lot worse overall it would be Bright Side After Dark.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hi Bright Side people.  How are you guys?  I hope you're all having good days.  Either way I know what can make it better -  we made a sports podcast for you!

Sreekar left the country to go find himself or something and because the idea of doing a podcast alone with Bryan Gibberman sounds like a fate worse than death we called in a powerful friend Greg Esposito.

Since we actually like Greg and don't want to get him fired from his job as the Digital and Social Media Manager of the Phoenix Suns this represents our cleanest podcast to date.

I would assume Rollin Mason talked him into it with this fantastic sales job:

On this edition of Bright Side After Dark I make a startling confession to our kind guest, we talk about sports video games for a while, talk about some other Arizona sports, get into some childhood superstitions, and ask Espo what he likes best about his job.

The listener testimonial goes to Kellan Olson, who totally gets it.

Come on in and listen.

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