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Phoenix Suns comment on P.J. Tucker's Super-Extreme DUI

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Christian Petersen

A couple of developments, though one is more earth-shattering than another.

The one that is not earth-shattering:

"Like P.J. himself, the Phoenix Suns take P.J.'s behavior very seriously. We remain fully committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct as we develop a championship culture. All of the members of our team, both on the court and in the front office, understand the importance of obeying the law and conducting ourselves in a way that honors our community. In considering this matter, we concluded that P.J. was sincere in his remorse and in his resolve to accept the consequences of his actions. We are convinced that he will take the necessary steps to avoid any such conduct in the future. The Suns do not in any way condone his conduct, but we do support him as he works through this."

--Lon Babby, President of Basketball Operations

And now one that is, at least little bit.


In an age where celebrities and athletes find ways to get around the law, or own P.J. Tucker stepped right into it and took it head on.

Although, it appears his lawyer was able to plea down a bit. Should have been 45 jail days, but Coro tweets 3. Everything else seems to line up.

P.J. is owning up to it.

Once the deed is done, this is the best we could hope for.