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BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 62: Robert Sarver Negotiates on the Radio and around the NBA with Team U.S.A.

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This pocast cannot be used as a flotation device...

Christian Petersen

In this weeks podcast Jim Coughenhour rejoins the conversation to talk all things Phoenix Suns for this episode. So much podcast this week folks. Not to toot a horn or anything, but this one covered a lot and had some things.

With Robert Sarver playing the public negotiations tactic with Eric Bledsoe on the radio we had to dive into that as well as P.J. Tucker being sentenced, Team U.S.A. cuts, potential Suns trades, and of course we gave Bledsoe a theme song for this summer. Go get this podcast, folks!

Podcast:  BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 62

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