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NBA Draft 2015: Montrezl Harrell to the Phoenix Suns rescue?

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Andy Lyons

Yes, the draft is not for another 11 months. But thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are likely to have a lottery pick regardless of how they play this next season.

To recap, the final payment for acquiring Steve Nash is for the Los Angeles Lakers to parlay their first round pick to the Phoenix Suns in 2015 as long as they don't finish in the bottom of the league after the lottery balls are picked. If the Lakers ARE in the bottom five after the lotto, then the pick rolls over to future years until it finally parlays to the Suns.

Given that the East is generally worse than the West, that just means the Lakers have to better than one or two other West teams to ensure the Suns get the pick.

In Chad Ford's first mock draft for 2015, the Suns get the agile power forward they've needed since Amare left.


Next summer, all three Suns power forwards will be free agents or expendable, or both. Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris will both be restricted free agents (like Bledsoe was this year), and Anthony Tolliver will only have $400,000 guaranteed for the 2015-16 season.

The Suns need a new, young PF to groom along with their young C (Alex Len, Miles Plumlee), SF (T.J. Warren), SG (Archie Goodwin) and PG (Tyler Ennis).

What's interesting about Ford's mock draft is that there are is only one point guard projected in the lottery. The 2015 lottery is full of Centers and Power Forwards, along with some wings. Good thing the Suns got all their PGs this year.

The Suns also have their own first round pick and possibly Minnesota's, but if the Suns get Minny's pick (top 12 protected) that's one more big competition for a playoff spot. Still, it's worth watching.

Check out DraftExpress's 2015 Mock Draft.