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Goran Dragić and Team Slovenia return home

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Slovenia is eliminated from the World Cup by Team USA. The Dragić brothers share some thoughts on the tournament.

The first step to achieving is believing right? So as a true fan I had to believe there was some hope we'd upset the American team. Since the glimmer of hope was so small the loss wasn't as devastating as some. Here is what Suns Goran Dragic had to say after the game:

There was no energy left (at the end). I think everyone who watched the game saw how coach K was substituting every 2 minutes like hokey subs, so their players were fresh throughout the game. We fell apart in the 3rd quarter, we fought them for 2 quarters, if we made those free throws we'd probably be tide at halftime. In the end, I wouldn't say it's a completely realistic picture but they deserved the win.

On how hard it is playing when they get so many offensive rebounds they almost always have a 2nd shot:

I already said this before the game, they are a very athletic team. You defend for 24 second, if you don't get the rebound, you're still on defence. At some points we were defending for 48 sec, minute, so it's very hard.

On being satisfied with a quarter final result:

Yeah, I mean definitely. Unfortunately we always get an opponent that is later the champ or plays in the final. I think we fought as hard as we could, guy worked hard.. We're happy, but we definitely would have wanted more.

Slovenia National Team arrived home from World Cup today after 17 days away. Here are some thoughts on the tournament an the team from Gogi and Zoki.

Goran Dragić:

It was a pretty good tournament. If I could turn back the time, the only thing I'd change is that we'd play against Lithuania again. Still we gave it our best.
The first part of the tournament we played great and also that nice win over the Dominican Republic. Then unfortunately we got USA as opponents, but I think this is the real picture, they are significantly better than us.
I'm very happy though, we got a few new younger players, that will be able to help the national team in the future and I think that is the biggest achievement.

What's the first thing Goran will do after arriving home?

Hug my kid and wife, that's it. :D

Zoran Dragić was being a jokester as usual: he was giving out so many autographs and when asked about it he said "It's very nice they (fans) came, also I knew there would be cameras here.." and laughs. He said he regrets the loss to Lithuania but is generally happy with the Top 8 result. He also commented on all the interest he is getting from NBA teams:

I think this is, how should I put it; a nice thing for going forward. I hope I get to the NBA some day. You'll find out everything (later), right now I don't know. (More than) a few team have made contact, so it is very close to coming true.

Hopefully this means we get to see him in the NBA next year. And we'll vote on a nickname when it's confirmed. Until then, keep the suggestions coming :)

To make up for the heart attacks I might have given some with my previous article, here is a Dragon cut & dunk at #3: