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Goran Dragić might leave Phoenix Suns after all

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Disturbing news coming from Slovenia after yesterday's relief.

Per Sport TV: Manager/director of national team(s) Matej Avanzo says Goran Dragic "will probably leave Phoenix next year and will find himself a new middle in the NBA".

The article goes on to say his participation at Eurobasket2015 will be depended on the new employer.

In another article it mentions that apparently this is the reason Suns GM was in Barcelona.

I don't know if this is just a prediction by Avanzo or if it is legitimate information. But keep in mind this is not Goran's agent or manager or anything. He is only responsible for the national team(s) and also holds 2 other positions in Basketball Federation of Slovenia : deputy of general secretary and manager of projects and marketing.

In his last statement Goran did say he has "an interesting situation with the club. Probably I'll terminate the contract and sign a new one. Like I've discussed, in the first week when the market opens, I'll sign and then I can be calm". He apparently also confirmed for Siol on Monday that he wants to sign a new contract by the middle of July next year.

This makes no sense to me since we just established yesterday that Goran loves Phoenix. It would be a real shock if what Sport TV says Avanzo says has any ground.

Lets not panic just yet, there is surely to be more news on the matter.

UPDATE: From Matej Avanzo himself:

Mr. Avanzo was kind enough to reply to my tweet asking on whether what Sport Tv said was true. His reply:

It is a misinterpretation, I did mention, that this is one of the options, as far as I know.

Sport Tv can be counted as an unreliable source.