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Suit and Nut: Phoenix Suns have 3rd best jerseys in NBA

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Remember a year ago when many Suns fans were wringing their hands over the awful new jerseys being rolled out to the world? The whites were too bland. The orange was too orange. The sunburst "didn't go anywhere". The side stripes were nonsensical.

Maybe that was just a case of not liking new things. Maybe we're just a bunch of old dogs.

A year later, the website 'Suit and Nut' has ranked the Suns jersey kit (white, orange and purple) as the 3rd best looking jerseys in the NBA today.Suns-jerseys-3Suns-jerseys-3a

Not surprisingly, the Rockets' jerseys are dead last, while the Warriors' jerseys are #1 overall.

Celebrate, fans. The Suns are elite at something, anyway!