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Goran pulls the Slovenian wagon to win over Korea, 89:72

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Goran Dragic lifts Slovenia over Korea with 22 points, 4 assists and great hustle. Final score is 89:72.

To start with, Goran is averaging 19 points, 5 assists and shooting 70% from the field in the tournament

Disclaimer: I may have gotten a bit sarcastic in parts, but you'll guess it without the appropriate font anyway.

First period

And Korea is in the lead! Well, it's only 2:0, but hey, it's something. And our guys are doing the impersonation of a sleeping beauty, losing 7:2, until Goran makes a good drive to the rim. Wake up boys. Slovenia takes the lead at 11:10 after a great run by Goran again, but our defense is colander-ish, Koreans are getting clean looks and are scoring well. And we're down 18:13 with 2 minutes left, playing like we're on vacation. Finally some life on D and the score is even but are you kidding me, playing like this. 21:19 after the first period, for Korea, and someone's going to get an earful.

Second period

Some good D to start the second but there's still no life on offense but at least our long range shots started falling so we're finally up a point.. Not for long, down again, but Gogi gets an offensive rebound to get us closer, but picks up his second personal foul, and one of the Koreans is hitting free throws off the backboard. Why aren't we up already?

Zoran Dragic outruns the entire Korean team for an and-one. The Dragon brothers are the only ones really tuned into the game. Ok, we'll let that airball slide. And we're up by 2 with 3 minutes left in the half. Gogi has 10 points, looking composed but come on, you don't need to play your all-NBA point guard against Korea the entire game. Zoran rolls through to the rim, he really is looking NBA-ready. It's 40:29 for Slovenia at the half. I think I might get a beer early this time. It's up to Zdovc to prod buttock in the locker room.

Third period

So, nice nap guys, rested your weary legs? Zoran has, a great drive to the rim and Goran misses an NBA three but makes up for it with a drive on the next two possessions, but come on, he could use some rest today. Our defense is still looking like a well-aired swiss cheese. Well I take it back, things are looking up, Lorbek gets 5 consecutive points and we're up by a whopping 9 points, Goran makes a great pass to Omic and it's an 11 point game, finally.

A time out and some good hustle plays and we're up by 15 after a great drive by, you guessed it, Goran Dragic. And the team picked up on Dragon brothers and their focus, we're finally playing like we are supposed to. After third, it's 70:56. Slovenia ouscored Korea 30:17 in the period.

Fourth period

Zdovc is still angry on our D, but we did get an open three...aaand one right back. And two missed freebies by our backup PG. Really, 0 for 2, and then a foul on a 3 point shot? Here comes Goran again when the score is 73:63 for Slovenia. Gogi makes a wide open three in transition, getting his eye in, amd then another one, he has 22 points already, running rings around the defense, kicking it out for wide open shots. Now if only those shots would fall more than they are. Slovenia is up by 17 points with 5 minutes left in the game. Zoran makes his first three to make it an 18-point game. Goran is resting now, let's hope he can stay out, but we're just chucking threes really, nobody's really trying to drive, and now a Korean player (one of four Kim's on the team) follows up a missed three with a one-handed dunk. And the final score is 89:72, and thank the heavens the game is over, it's obvious there's a real lack of motivation against the "exotic" opponents.


After a first half that was way too close for comfort, Slovenia finally regained their composure in the second and put things right. Now we need to shrug off the nervousness and prepare for Angola tomorrow. Another must-win game, especially as Australia Beat Lithuania earlier and should Slovenia win tomorrow, they are guaranteed the first place in the group (barring a big loss to Lithuania) and will not meet Team USA until the semi-finals.

Goran had 22 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds, though his shot from deep was a bit off, but he showed great hustle, some nifty assists and court vision and ball-handling skills (all of which we already knew, but it can't hurt to showcase his mojo on the world stage).

A win is a win is a win.