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Yahoo! Sports: Phoenix Suns raise offer to Bledsoe, negotiations gathering momentum

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Christian Petersen

The Phoenix Suns have always maintained that they would rather keep Eric Bledsoe than trade him, or let him leave next summer.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, they are finally making progress toward a deal.Bledsoe-WojWoj's article adds more info:

Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and Bledsoe's representatives with Klutch Sports have gathered momentum in discussions over the past two to three days, and Wednesday is expected to be crucial in the push for the sides to finalize a deal, league sources said.

The Suns are believed to have pushed an initial four-year, $48 million offer into the $50 million range, sources said.

Let's hope this come to fruition, and before Media Day on Monday.

Grantland's Zach Lowe published an interesting article today on Kemba Walker wanting an extension as well. Walker is a lesser player than Bledsoe and smaller, but is also wanting an 8-figure salary next summer.

Lowe also opined that the salary cap might jump a lot next summer, opening up a great deal of space for larger contracts than the NBA has ever seen.

At the same time, the Suns have always said they'd match any offer, including up to this summer's max ($14.7 million to start).

Let's see how this all plays out.