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BS of the Suns Podcast: ESPN Analyst and TrueHoop TV host Amin Elhassan talks Eric Bledsoe's contract

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Ventilation is hazardous, do not inhale this podcast...

Christian Petersen

The Summer of Eric Bledsoe came to an end with the Phoenix Suns agreeing to a 5 year 70 million contract Wednesday September 24th with their young star in the making. Sources told BSOTS that Robert Sarver still has not seen Bledsoe since April...

On a more serious note ESPN Analyst and friend of the podcast Amin Elhassan joins the show to talk about the contract more in depth. With his experience in the front office it was a no brainer to get his take on this.

In this week's podcast we discuss the numbers for Bledsoe and the Suns, the overall forecast for the team out in the dangerous Western Conference, how this effects future contract negotiations with Goran Dragic, and so much more. Dave asks a lot of questions, I make invalid arguments, and Amin humors us for 70 minutes of hoops talk.


Full Podcast: BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 65 w/ESPN Analyst Amin Elhassan Talking Eric Bledsoe Signing

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