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Report: Zoran Dragic leaves Unicaja immediately for Phoenix Suns

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And here it is.zoran-tweet

Zoran's first few statements

On going to the NBA

I'm very happy this happened. It was my dream to sign in the NBA, but this is only the start of, how should I say; a new era, starting from zero. I can't wait for this test and I hope I stay in the NBA as long as possible.

On minutes with Suns:

It's true that there are a lot of players there. I'll give my max at training and try to get minutes.
It's on me. The coach will decide. Have to be patient, wait for my opportunity and prove myself at practices.

On playing with Goran:

It will be nice to join forces with my brother, like we did for national team. I hope it's even better here, since we'll be together all year.

The back court is finalized.

As details of the contract emerge, we will update the story.