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Full Phoenix Suns Roster Ratings Revealed for NBA 2K15 - guess who joins the Three Amigos in the Top 100?

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The ratings of the full roster have now been revealed. The Suns field 4 players in the Top 100, but no players in the Top 30.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

2K Sports is currently in the process of releasing the ratings of all players that will be featured in the upcoming NBA 2K15 title, and while they have not as of yet released all of the ratings, the entire Phoenix Suns roster has been revealed.

First, the good news. The Phoenix Suns roster features 4 players in the Top 100: Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas and Miles Plumlee. All three points guards are rated over 80, a particularly distinguished feat in this iteration of the popular basketball game, which will see only 17% of the players in the game ranked over 80 and will see just 4 players over 90.

The bad news is that not a single Sun was ranked among the Top 30 players in the NBA. Goran is rated highest, with an 84 overall rating, which puts him at 33rd overall.  Other guards in this general region of the rankings are Deron Williams (84), Lance Stephenson (84), and Manu Ginobili.

Eric Bledsoe comes in at an 81 overall,putting him at 53rd. Other guards in his range include Joe Johnson(82), Bradley Beal (81) and our very own Isaiah Thomas, who is graded out at an 80 overall, good for the 60th spot in the rankings.

Miles Plumlee is the next highest rated Suns player, with a rating of 78. This puts him 97th on the list. Rated similarly are Joel Embiid (77) and Thad Young (78).

Next up are Gerald Green and Markieff Morris, who both were rated at a 78 and fall at 108th and 110th, respectively. In their general neck of the woods are Nick 'Swaggy P' Youn (78) and Jared Sullinger (78).

PJ Tucker comes in next, with a 76 overall rating and a ranking of 140th, which puts him right in the neighborhood of Tobias Harris (76) and Evan Turner (76).

At 75 overall, Marcus Morris is ranked 183rd, similar to Tayshaun Prince (75) and Khris Middleton (75). Anthony Tolliver comes in at 73, ranked 239th and falling right between Ed Davis (73) and Cody Zeller (73).

TJ Warren is graded out at a 72, good for 282nd on the list, while Tyler Ennis is given a 71 putting him at 303rd. Other rookies in that range include Zach LaVine (72), Gary Harris (71) and James Ennis (70).

The next Suns to appear are Archie Goodwin (69) and Alex Len (67). This continues a trend of low evaluations of players from the 2013 Draft Class. In roughly the same boat as Archie and Alex are Shabazz Muhammad (67), Otto Porter (68) and, almost inexplicably, ASU's Carrick Felix (68), who played all of 38 minutes last season.

The lowest rated Sun is our resident bench warmer extraordinaire, Shavlik Randolph, who's 64 overall rating ties him for the worst overall rating, with elastic-armed rookie Bruno Caboclo of Brazil.

There you have it. Overall, the 2K Sports team seems to believe the Suns have a team stacked with good, but not great talent. While one can argue with small placement differences, the overall ratings of Suns players seem fair and relatively balanced.

The full ratings list should be completely released sometime in the next 3-5 days. The game is set to release October 7th in the US.