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Recap of Goran Dragić's busy summer in Slovenia (Off Court)

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Before the new media season starts tomorrow (which we're all probably SUPER EXCITED FOR!!!) I wanted to recap Goran's summer off court and show why he is loved for more than just his basketball artistry.

Upon returning to Slovenia after the NBA season the main question on everyone's mind was whether Goran Dragic would participate in the World Cup; he answered question upon question regarding the subject - polite and patient as always. His good manners are a pleasant afterthought to his altruistic ways.

After the Dragon left for Phoenix last year a documentary on Eurobasket2013 came out in which Matej Avanzo tells an anecdote that is just so Gogi: During the tournament team Slovenia had their own branded bus that drove them everywhere. After one warm-up game in Koper, all the players decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go home with their families leaving the driver all alone. When Gogi heard this, he told his family he'd take the bus instead so he could keep Janez company on the almost two hour drive home. This story is still just the tip of the kindheartedness that is Goran Dragić.

In the middle of May, when Serbia and Bosnia were being severely flooded and in dire need of help, Goran teamed up with Rašo Nesterović, organising a humanitarian action aimed to provide as much supplies as possible to the affected areas. Together they urged the nation to help as much as they can. Goran also arranged several packages of needed supplies to be sent by his sponsors. The project probably somewhat contributed to the (golden) Apple of Inspiration honor he received from the Slovenian president, but what he has achieved with commitment and hard work, while remaining humble, grounded and kind is in itself inspiring.

The most exciting thing for every aspiring basketball youth during the summer was surely Goran Dragić's basketball camp, where Gogi got to mentor a bunch of kids and cool stuff like this happened. The camp looked so fun and well thought out it made me wish I was about 13 years younger. I read how sad the kids were when it was time to go home (at least I didn't have to go through that).

During the preparation games that took place in Slovenia Dragon go a chance to catch up with his mentor; Steve Nash who gave an all praise interview of his apprentice (at 2:11 Gogi who is not playing, jabs Omić to get in the game - this might only be funny to our kin). He also managed to meet up with Leandro Barbosa and crew in Ljubljana. And while in Lithuania he visited a sports university in Kaunas.

At some point Gogi and Zoki did a promotion video for Telemach together in which they compete in 3 challenges (none of which include a ball): speed clicking, b-ball version of pictionary and finally; blindly finding the right button on a remote control device. It's in Slovene, but still fun to watch. They also did this mellow commercial for a speedy Internet pack.

The National team did some acting together as well when shooting a commercial for one of the team sponsors - it was a kind of disappointing continuation of last year's supermarket theme. The behind the scenes makes up for it though. I'm nominating this moment as the funniest: big bro pranking little bro. Being named team Captain was amusing as well.

Somewhere in between this busy summer Gogi (and his gorgeous wife) had time to pull off what was probably the wedding of the year (the video of which has curiously and sadly been made private). They had a church wedding with a big party that included some awesome dance moves and a magnificent view of white balloons with lit strings released simultaneously by guests to sparkle in the night. Seriously, dream wedding.