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Phoenix Suns Media Day Snippets from the Bright Side

We will have tons of coverage of Phoenix Suns Media Day throughout the week, but I thought I'd start with a few snippets of info for those of you who didn't lock the door of their office and stream Media Day all afternoon.

Eric Bledsoe

  • Eric Bledsoe smiled more in a ten minute presser today than he'd smiled all last season. #coaching
  • Bledsoe said he heard Hornacek in his ear all summer to get in shape, be ready to run hard this year in Phoenix. #listensmorethanspeaks
  • Bledsoe said he just doesn't say much, so it wasn't hard to stay quiet all summer #silenttreatment
  • Suns say they wanted the 5 years all along #retrospect
  • Babby told me and Jim that there really wasn't much actual negotiation involved between him and the Bledsoe camp. Just a lot of space in between the real talks. Once resumed, the final number was agreed upon quickly.

Morris brothers

  • Marcus Morris said the extension talks came out of nowhere
  • Babby said some negotiations are long, some are really short. So this summer he averages out just right.
  • Later, Babby said he made a composite offer (4 years, $52 million) and asked them how they wanted to split it
  • Babby says the Morrii came back almost immediately with the 32-to-20 split, so they must have already hashed that out before Suns ever made an offer
  • Markieff Morris in answer to whether they ever considered splitting up next summer: "No."
  • Babby joked he's looking to sign Asst. GM Trevor Buckstein's brother to the front office to keep up the family affair
  • Isaiah Thomas said he's going to find someone, a cousin, distant relative, whatever to join him on the team
  • When I asked Marcus how proud he was that the Morrises joined forces on the Suns before the Dragics, Marcus answered something very close to: "They're just brothers. We're twins. We win."
  • Marcus mentioned that before the Suns traded for him last year, Babby would mention after every Suns/Rockets game he was coming to get him. Babby laughed it off. It's not clear whether this was a joke or not.

Zoran Dragic

  • Says no promises on playing time were given
  • Says everyone starts at 0 in training camp, so they all have a shot to play
  • McD said he's been watching Zoran since 2007, but really saw he was ready this summer in the World Cup
  • Goran was neutral through the whole negotiations, did not push the Suns to sign his brother

Archie Goodwin

  • Says he's gained 10 pounds of muscle since July #musclewatch2015
  • Other players - Dragic and Tolliver - say Archie really impressed them in pickup games this month

Alex Len and Miles Plumlee

  • GM McDonough says Len and Plumlee look totally different than last year - says Len is stronger and quicker and ready to be the draft pick they envisioned
  • Says Len has been playing pickup games for weeks now, no restrictions
  • Goran Dragic said that Alex Len looks like a totally different player - so much better than last year when he was battling injuries
  • our own pure 7-footer - Sean Sullivan - says Plumlee is slightly shorter but Len has a good couple inches on him. Then Sean admitted that he once was 7-foot, but hasn't measured himself in ages. #shrinkage #aging

Isaiah Thomas

  • on how the three guard system will work: "Who knows?" #herestohonesty
  • Says the guys who put the team together know what they are doing, so he will trust it and compete. Genuinely seemed excited but not 100% sure just how it would work. "No team has three guards like we do."
  • Dragic said, of Thomas addition, that people were skeptical of how it would work with Eric and him, but the coaches and front office were right along. And that we need to trust them again with the three headed dragon.

That's just to get you started. We have SO MUCH more to come!

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