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Slovenia loses to Lithuania 64:67

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After leading by as many as 10, Slovenia has the worst 4th, getting only 2 points in the quarter.

This will be short, since it's painful to write. Both teams came out strong, you could see the intensity from the start. It was an exciting match in which Slovenia managed to take a 10 point lead, only to choke completely in the 4th with Lithuania winning the quarter 12:2. And even those 2 points came in the final minute of the game.

Goran Dragic had the least efficient night so far going for 12 points on 5/14 shooting which included 0/5 from three.

Personally I think we are relying to much on Goran Dragić. In the sense that every team prepares for him and firstly tries to stop him. Instead of moving the ball some more or playing both PGs at once to relieve some pressure, we keep doing the same thing with Gogi over an over again: driving and getting harassed from all sides, which just makes him tired and frustrated. We could use him more as a decoy and let Klobučar run point at times. There was a specific moment when Gogi was at the rim calling for the ball. Two guys went at him afraid he'd score (he didn't even have the ball) and in that moment completely forgot about the big at the rim they're suppose to worry about. Right pass made, we got a bucket. I'm not at all trying to take anything away from the Dragon (least of all the ball) since he's been magic for us. I just told a guy off for saying he was "disappointing". Even with his missed shots he was, as always, giving his 100%. As a basketball fan, that's all you ask for. Except Australia, who choose to lose.

We move on to the brackets. As Slovenia ended up in 2nd place of Group D they face the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

Advice for Turkey: Remind Australia they might play Team USA eventually, they'll probably just forfeit.

Since this was such a downer, I'm grateful for Ryan McDonough and this hilarious video everyone should watch.