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LeBron James and Eric Bledsoe working out together

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Eric Bledsoe is working out with his agent buddy LeBron James, but perhaps more importantly, James had some things to say about the contract negotiations between Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns.

Lebron and Bledsoe

LeBron Bledsoe comments

LeBron James posted this picture to his Instagram. It shouldn't come as a surprise to see these two working out together, as they are close friends, and even call each other family. Eric Bledsoe and James share the same agent, Rich Paul, but it looks like Bron is doing a little agenting of his own here. He seems to be calling on Phoenix to cough up that max contract for the "Future All-Star", short of throwing in a #maxcontract in his caption. He certainly doesn't seem to be advocating Bledsoe to take the 4 year, $48 million that the Phoenix Suns offered him...

What do you think about LeBron's picture and comments?