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Gamethread: Goran Dragic leads Slovenia vs. Dominican Republic, 11am AZ Time, NBA TV

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We last saw Goran Dragic and Slovenia take to the ESPN airways in a blowout loss to Team USA where Dragic got only 6 points as he was surrounded by the Americans at every turn.

We next will see much of the same on Tuesday night against Team USA, as long as Slovenia beats the Dominican Republic today.

But for now, this morning, the Slovenes have a chance to crack the Top 8 at the FIBA World Cup as they face the Dominicans at 11 am this morning on NBA TV (and also on ESPN3 and WatchESPN).

Slovenia is still smarting from its loss to Lithuania on Thursday where they scored just 2 points in the last 11 minutes of the game.

Can they rebound against an inferior Dominican team?

Let's hope so.