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Sharp-shooting Bogdan Bogdanovic leads Serbia over Greece (90:72)

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The Phoenix Suns sharpshooter from Europe, Bogdan Bogdanovic, led team Serbia over the undefeated (not anymore) Greece, scoring 21 points and hitting key shots late in the game to secure a quarterfinal berth for his team.

Mike Stobe

The "BB gun" (as he was emphatically named by one of our fellow Brightsiders) looked really good in the game, he was focused on D and on offense, he was showing great movement, communication and, it pleases me to say, also good shot selection, something he has been having trouble with for his whole career. I guess he is really benefiting from the intense work that the coach of the Serbian national team is demanding. A sign of good things to come, we all hope.

His final stat line was 21 points (7/11 shooting, including 4/7 from behind the arc and 3/4 from the FT line) 2 assists, two turnovers and one steal in a little over 27 minutes of play.

The win was a bit of an upset, as Greece was undefeated going into the game, but the Serbians showed good discipline and lots of hustle on defense and were moving the ball well on offense, distributing shots throughout the whole team. AS a result, Greece never really stood a chance and the more the game was near the end, the more nervous the Greeks got, an obvious sign were a few missed wide open shots. Now if you know anything about Greek national team, they are not the ones that miss in key moments. Hats off to Serbia, who now wait for an opponent to present itself, namely the winner of the last game of the day between Argentina and Brazil.

Do I sense a former Sun-prospective Sun showdown?