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Phoenix Suns Top 14 Plays of 2014

Take a look back at the team's 14 greatest moments of 2014.

This was not my idea, but a little bit of nudging by Dave led to the creation of this 2014 highlight video. If you have several minutes to spare, watch a countdown of the top 14 moments of the year for the Suns, both from the previous season and from the current one.

As I'm sure you all could have guessed, Gerald Green makes quite a few appearances. But don't count the rest of the team out; players such as Bledsoe, Dragic, Len, Plumlee and even Tucker are all there as well.

Feel free to disagree with my rankings. I think that the top three or four moments are pretty obviously placed where they need to be, but after that it's fair to say that you could arrange all of the highlights in any order.

As always, speak your mind in the comments section. What was your favorite Suns memory of 2014? And of course, have a happy new year!

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