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Phoenix Suns cause split personality disorder

When your lifelong team goes through a stretch of agonizing losses on the road to their playoff-level opponents, it's enough to drive a mild-mannered librarian type to jump off the deep end.

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After the Phoenix Suns excruciating loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, I came to one of those self-realizations that you just know you're the last person on earth to figure out.

I am a split-personality Suns fan.

On Bright Side, and when I cover games at the arena, I have developed a professionally aloof demeanor in person and a balanced Suns outlook online. Like a librarian, even. I relish in taking the middle road on most issues to try to bring the entire site back to center while commenters jump off their self-made cliffs day and night.

But when I'm not covering a game and happen to be watching it in real time from the comfort of my house, such as the last several road games, I become a completely different person on social media. And at home.

To wit, most of my timeline during Sunday's double-OT loss to the Grizzlies in which... well, you know:








By reading my tweets, you might not realize the Suns executed an exciting comeback that included an improbable closing of a 9-point gap in the final minutes to tie the game on a Tucker iso with just seconds left, and then a steal/finish followed by a crazy three-pointer by Eric Bledsoe to take a two-point lead late in overtime.

During that run, the Suns played spirited defense by denying the ball in the post and forcing Memphis' guards to beat the Suns guards off the dribble, which they failed to do on most occasions.

But I didn't tweet any elation at the Suns' run of fortune. I only tweeted the bad stuff.

Because that's what I was feeling.

I'm a terrible fan these days when the game is close against a good team and I want so bad for the young Suns to break through, to grow up.

But we have to remember that this is a young group of Suns players - collectively the youngest and least experienced of all the Western playoff seeds - and a coach who's trying to coax them into adulthood on the court.

Our Suns just beat Toronto at home last week in a blowout at the end of the Raptors' 4-game road swing against the West (for which the Raptors were given a 'pass' by many fans who wanted to minimize the Suns win), while taking their nemesis the Grizzlies to double-OT in the fourth game of their own tough road trip (for which they won't get much of a pass, especially by me as the game is going on).

That's fandom. Sometimes it's ugly. Sometimes it's glorious.

But there's a silver lining to everything if you look hard enough. Last night, I didn't have to look hard at all.


Paul Guyot happens to to be the co-Executive Producer of 'The Librarians', a TNT series looking forward to a Season Two... IN WHICH I GET A STARRING ROLE! Or, maybe a cameo. Or, well, maybe nothing. But it's a job offer!





'The Librarians' stars Rebecca Romjin, who I've had a crush on since I was a kid, and John Laroquette, who I've followed since Night Court. It's even featured Noah Wyle, Jane Curtain and Bob freaking Newhart in Season One!

I mean, come on, Librarians who save the world. Is there a better match for me?! Heck no.

My only question now is: just ONE episode Paul? Wait till you see my acting skillz.

I'm gonna have to apply for one of those SAG cards...

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