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Gamethread: Phoenix Suns host LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The circus is in town. LeBron James is here, and he's back in the lineup for the reeling Cavs.

And so the big boys - Adrian Wojanrowski, Sam Amick, etc. - are here to see it. Let's hope the Suns show up well.

Hornacek, Suns notes:

  • Hornacek said the players don't talk enough on defense. "The good teams will talk. You have to. You're constantly altering guys and calling out the rotations."
  • But that they talk too much to the refs. "Sometimes they get emotional, but we tell them they got to control it."
  • Didn't have to make the out-loud connection between the two.

Blatt, Cavs notes:

  • Pregame, Cavaliers coach David Blatt sounded excited to get his team back to its winning ways.
  • LeBron James and Shawn Marion will be back in the lineup tonight
  • Add them to Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov and you've got a pretty good team.
  • Said the team's spirit was way up yesterday in practice when LeBron practiced at full speed. "Obviously we're happy to have him back. He's a very big part of our team. I know he'll get out there and give it everything he's got."
  • Bron won't play long minutes, according to Blatt. "Low 30s, if that."

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