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Goran Dragić's Basketball Camp Video Report

Check out this cool video report of Goran Dragic's Basketball Camp.

Remember last summer I posted an article (click and check comments for something funny) on Goran Dragic's Basketball Camp that I was, sadly, too old to attend? Well, recently a kind of video report of the camp was released and I thought I'd share it with Suns fans. It shows Goran and a team of trainers/coaches which included his brother Zoran Dragic working with kids, sharing lessons about not only sports but also persistence and hard work. Young girl holding a trophy near the end of the video confirms this: "We really had to give it our all, to show Gogi and everyone else our knowledge on basketball and (everything else) outside the court".

The kids seem like they are having tons of fun and the parents say only great things about the experience. The head of coaches even comments that he's attended many camps and can safely say that Goran's "is one that in fact is setting new guidelines" for how these types of camps should be devised.

Goran spent a week with the happy campers doing so many different activities, that when asked he couldn't name them all off the top of his head. He does give some Dragon wisdom: "I think, learning is in first place and then everything else; discipline, those working habits and I think if you have these three things, you have nothing to fear in life, you can always succeed, no matter if it's in basketball or some other direction". Having Goran Dragić there to inspire and guide definitely makes it more fun, if not necessarily easier, for the kids to get on the right track towards success.

SPOILERS: In the video you can also see the Dragon dancing, defending a kid, teaching.. worth a look.

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