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Suns Swag: 7 Phoenix items to help you blow your paycheck

Creepiness at the bottom.

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Suns All Star Game Poster

Nothing special here. Just a cool poster for cheap that has plenty of man cave potential. Buy it now for eight bucks, ship it for another three.

Air Green Shirt

Lots of colors, sizes, and styles available for this one so just click the link if interested. The t-shirt variety can be yours for about $15.

Suns Denim Jacket

We've featured this before, but it's still around, and I think it's now even cheaper. It's 24 bucks after shipping. 24 bucks! Quit acting like you're better than this jacket and buy it!

Suns Memorabilia Collection

An odd collection for sale here. $25 after shipping gets you a Suns flag, a Dan Majerle plate, a Kevin Johnson plate, and an Elliot Perry sock. Just one sock of course. Because why would you need two?

Suns Wine Apron

Further evidence that they will throw a sports logo on anything. Pay with a five dollar bill and after shipping you'll get change.

Planet Orange Jersey

Seller says "wow." I say weird. In your wardrobe for about $50.

Steve Nash CoolRain Figurine

I've never seen these before. Perhaps you have. They really kind of creeped me out. Figured you needed to see. If this is your thing, you can have it for $30

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