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Phoenix Suns Miles Plumlee on the Trade Block, Stein Reports

3rd year big man Miles Plumlee is being actively shopped by the Suns, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

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In what is perhaps not a superbly surprising turn of events, 3rd year center Miles Plumlee is being shopped by the Phoenix SunsESPN's Marc Stein reports. The tone of the article, and the fact that the team seems to be actively working with Plumlee's agent, suggests this move might be coming at Plumlee's request.

As Stein notes, Plumlee has seen his minutes reduced constantly this season. After starting the season as a starter, Plumlee lost the starting position to 2nd year big man Alex Len. Plumlee subsequently lost even more minutes following the recent acquisition of veteran Brandan Wright.

Plumlee's reduction in minutes has come at least partly as a result of regression in his production. His per-36 averages in points, rebounds and blocks are all at career lows, as his is usage rate, while his turnover percentage is at an all time high.

Regression notwithstanding, Plumlee is a respectable defensive center in the NBA, particularly as a weak side help defender, and is still a strong shot altering presence. According to Seth Partnow's rim protection measures, Plumlee is in the top half of the league in points saved per game.

There is no real information about what teams might be interested in acquiring Plumlee, but we do know that McDonough is currently shopping him for a future 1st round pick. This seems a high price for a 26 year old reserve player, and it is probably more likely that Plumlee is included as part of a bigger trade.

Teams that have been active in the market for centers in recent months include the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Dallas Mavericks, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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