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Final Score: Phoenix Suns 112, Philadelphia 76ers 96 as Zoran Dragic gets first career basket, FT, assist, rebound

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in NBA history, two sets of brothers shared the same court at the same time. Zoran Dragic joined his brother Goran and twins Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris for a minute of playing time that was glorious.

Zoran Dragic's first basket was an and-one from his brother Goran Dragic.

His first assist was to his brother on fast break.

His first rebound immediately preceded that assist.

Go Zoran!!

Oh, and the Phoenix Suns won the game over the Philadelphia 76ers.

First quarter

The game opened with Luc Mbah a Moute scoring 8 of the Sixers first 10 points on the way to a 10-5 lead before the Suns fought back to the take the lead later in the quarter.

Alex Len highlighted the Suns first 5 minutes with 3 blocks, 3 rebounds and 2 fouls, being very active under the basket and against Nerlens Noel.

Speaking of Noel, he drove on Len and tried to dunk it hard but Len absolutely erased the dunk attempt in spectacular fashion. Hope someone posts the GIF in the comments section!

The downside is that Len got his second foul only a couple minutes later and came out in favor of Miles Plumlee.

Markieff Morris floated in two three-pointers on his way to 8 first quarter points. Eric Bledsoe had 10 points and 3 assists.

Of course the Suns defense was content to let the Sixers decide their own outcome in this game offensively, and the Sixers only partially complied. They found a way to score 29 points against the Suns lackadaisical D.

Suns up 34-29

Second quarter

Guy on my left, Michael Dunlap of, asked me if this was a preseason game. Guy on my right, Randy Hill of FoxSports, asked me if it was a D-League game. They both asked me at the same time as we watched the Suns play early in the second quarter.

Tony Wroten hit a couple of threes, followed immediately by Gerald Green and Isaiah Thomas hitting their own. Each team scored 10 points in the first three minutes of the second quarter (a 40-point pace for the Q).

Goran Dragic came in to help steady the Chuck Wagon second unit and the Suns went on a run to spread the lead out to 10, at 53-43.

But then the Sixers finished the half on a 16-4 run OF COURSE. Tony Wroten had 15 points on 6-9 shooting (shoots 41% on the season). Henry Sims had 12 points on 4-4 shooting (averages 10 points per game). Luc Richard Mbah a Moute had 12 points on 5-8 shooting (shoots 41% on the season).

Bad half, Suns. Real bad. This is the same Sixers team that was down 30 in the first half against Golden State two days ago, and is 4-16 on the season.

Third quarter

The third quarter started with Markieff Morris driving right to the rim for a score, then Eric Bledsoe driving in for a kick out to Dragic. Suns back in lead!

Keef followed with a wide open three and the Suns had an 8-0 run out of the half. 65-59 Suns.

But then the Suns got lazy again and the Sixers close the lead to 2 with two fast break layups off steals. Suns gotta take care of that ball!

The Suns kept scoring though, and the Sixers couldn't keep up the pace on shot-making, and soon the score was 74-64 Suns after a 17-5 run to open the quarter.

The Suns made it look good in the third, getting up to an 80-68 lead on a pretty alley-oop to Miles Plumlee after a great one to Gerald Green.

But then they turned off the faucet and the Sixers scored 11 straight points to pull within 1. The Suns just can't handle success.

By the end of the third, the Suns had a 84-79 lead. How many Sixers are sitting in that timeout really believing they are going to win this game? And how many Suns are afraid of losing it?

Fourth quarter

The Suns started the fourth quarter playing with fire - both by running hard to the rim and by giving up offensive rebounds. To start the quarter, they gave up two offensive rebounds to Henry Sims, but the Sixers didn't score anyway.

The rim got small for the Sixers starting the quarter, and the Suns pulled out to a 14-point lead.

The rest of the game was a matter of riding out the pushes by the Sixers to get back into it. But they just don't have the fire power.

And then there was the Zoran!

Zoran Dragic came in, shot (missed) a three, then got a rebound and fed his brother Goran Dragic for the fast break layup!

What a way to kick off his NBA career. You know they are going to cherish that moment for the rest of their lives.

And then Goran got a steal and fed Zoran on the fast break for a layup!!

Oh, and the Suns won. Big. 112-89.

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