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Solar Flares 1/20: Phoenix Suns links include Bledsoe's consistency and Dragic's decision

What will Goran Dragic do?

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Here is an article featuring the name "Eric Bledsoe" and the word "consistent" in the same sentence. Hornacek says Bled has "leveled out" this season.

The Suns are two games into the longest homestand in franchise history, but the worst is yet to come.

Are the Knicks the worst team ever? Random power ranking!

Here's a fun ranking of which NCAA school produces the highest earners in the NBA today.

"I'm really happy here in Phoenix and they have given me everything I have ever dreamed," Dragic said in an interview with Los Angeles Newspaper Group. "I feel like I'm at home here. But I'll explore my options." The Dragon has a tough decision to make.

Prepare yourself for the confusing 2015 free agent season.

It's a miracle. The Suns find success without hitting the three ball.

Here's some stuff to do in Phoenix this week when you're not watching the Suns. (He means David Spade, not "Space)

The Suns are said to be "actively shopping" center Miles Plumlee.

And here's the reason why.

Here's a story about a former Sun that will ruin your day.

"For a big man, that's my bread basically. That's how I eat." LEN LOVES REBOUNDS.

It's hard to argue with the success the Suns have had this season. Nevermind, I clicked on another thread. It's not hard.

The best trade fits for Kevin Love. Because clearly it's time to pull the plug on that experiment.

Educate yourself on Reggie Bullock, the newest Sun.

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