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BS of the Sun Podcast: The Phoenix Suns are still besieged by technical fouls and buzzer beaters

The eyes of the sports world are on the Phoenix metro area, but not on the Suns... who might get shut out of All-Star weekend. Plus, another week goes by and buzzer beaters and technical fouls continue to plague the Phoenix Suns.

What to do, what to do...
What to do, what to do...
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dave king joins the show as the Super Bowl descends upon the city of Phoenix (Glendale). The Suns had a fairly rough week and a mind-boggling third buzzer beater loss in a 23 game stretch. The Suns have been struggling against the top heavy Western Conference (2-9 in their last 11 against the top 10 teams), while coach Hornacek has been struggling to implement effective discipline to curtail the team's rampant technical foul problem. The Morris brothers, who have been on the wrong end of a lot of those technicals, also had an off-court incident. Continuing with the struggling theme, the Suns might get shut out of representation at the All-Star game... and Marc Stein apparently hates the Suns.

Despite all of this, we try to keep it positive.


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