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Gamethread: Suns host Bulls on another Orange Friday

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Phoenix Suns host the Chicago Bulls in a matchup of two very different teams - at least usually. This year, the Bulls have a better offense than defense, a big departure from prior seasons.

But what has not changed is that the Bulls play at a slow pace while the Suns try to run all night. The key is which team can dictate the pace.

Hornacek pregame:

  • "Our guys know it's going to be a tough game, it's going to be physical and we're going to have to battle them on the boards and then try to get out and run and do what we do."
  • "Yeah, they have the ability to kind of milk the clock down and make you work for 24 seconds."
  • "But a lot of times they get it in to Pau early in the offense and he's good down there, he can make moves early in the clock."
  • "They probably give them more freedom to shoot more threes than they have in the past."

Thibodeau (Chicago) pregame on the Suns:

  • "Tucker and this team have great versatility."
  • "Tucker's probably one of the most underrated players in the league. He's just hard playing and tough. He's really improved his shooting, but he brings that team a lot of toughness."
  • "And then they have the two point guards and sometimes it can be three out there so your matchups are huge."
Tony Snell is starting tonight, along with the four who played 42+ minutes last night: Gasol, Noah, Butler, Rose.

The Suns have their regular starting lineup. No changes.

It's another Orange Friday. The Suns are 3-4 this year on Orange Fridays.

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