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Recap: Suns lose to the Warriors 106-87

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Who knew something close to the predicted score could be such a disappointment? The Suns lost to the Warriors 106-87, The Splash Brothers would go for 47 combined, while the Slash Brothers would only have 26 combined.

The strangest thing about this game was the first quarter. The Warriors came out with whatever energy they had in their two previous losses and the Suns took advantage. They were hitting their shots, but most importantly playing very solid defense. It wasn't even anything that spectacular, but it was good enough to earn them the advantage in the quarter.

Believe it or not, the turning point came from a technical foul off of the bench. Marcus Morris got it on a foul call on Draymond Green, something that still doesn't make sense to me. After that, a rough block attempt that got a lot of ball from his brother Markieff Morris gave the crowd and the Warriors a ton of energy that they flat out did not have before.

The Warriors and the crowd were different after that for the second quarter and the big lead the Suns had against the best in the West was gone by halftime.

The Suns were never the same after that technical and while the Warriors and the crowd went through their own ruts in the second half, the Suns got off to a brutal start in the half and would not come back from it. Here is your quarterly recap..

First Quarter

Whatever the Warriors have been dealing with in their past two losses was still present. You could tell right from the get go and that let you know that the Suns were going to be in this game. A 0-for-10 start from the field for the Warriors allowed the Suns to grab an 8-0 lead and that extended to 19-10, but the Warriors used some quick and efficient bursts to come back in the game.

Another thing we got an early read on was Keef's jumper. There are certain shots that he struggles with and when he hits those early (long 2 on the wing, wing 3), look out.

My favorite play in the quarter was easily Gerald Green's first time touching the ball since Wednesday and every Suns fan on the planet knowing he was going to shoot it as soon as he crossed half court. He of course swished the wing three. Welcome back.

Second Quarter

There was a lot going on in this quarter, but I don't remember much besides the Morrii because I think the anger blacked the rest out.

Mook picked up a technical FROM the bench when BLED drew a foul, and then on the next possession Keef picked up a near flagrant foul. From then on out, the Warriors woke up and so did the crowd.

Any advantage the team had in the game against a superior opponent was gone. It's hard to win games when you can't do the one thing your coach preaches on for a month.

Third Quarter

This quarter was a massive opportunity to take back control of the game and the Suns failed to do so. They had 2 points and six turnovers in the first six minutes of the quarter.

Still, they were only down 2 at one point after that so they could still take back the lead. They waited too long and the Warriors regained control. A mini surge from the subs and Bledsoe kept this game from turning into a blowout.

Fourth Quarter

Somehow, the Suns still had time in this quarter to make a run and get back in the game, but they did not. The Warriors went on a 13-2 run with about five minutes to go in the game and it was eventually over.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to gain or analyze about this quarter. It was more of the same for the Suns, as they were not the same team once Mook picked up his technical. The Warriors and the crowd actually sagged back down a bit at times in the second half, but the Suns were never the same.

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