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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Beat Toronto Raptors 125-109

The Suns took advantage of a tired Toronto Raptors team who was looking to get back home after a six-game road trip...Here's how it happened.

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Here's all you need to know about this Suns win over the Raptors!

Archie. Jonas.


Archie with the rock in the open court is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

RIP Stuart Scott

The Phoenix Suns begin the game with a moment of silence, to honor long-time ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, who passed away early this morning following a long bout with cancer.  Very touching, and a classy move by the Suns organization.

Phoenix begins the game with their usual starting lineup of Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, P.J. Tucker, Markieff Morris, and Alex Len.  As for the Raptors, they start the game with Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross, Landry Fields, Amir Johnson, and Jonas Valanciunas.

First Quarter

Suns start the game with a couple of baskets, but also a couple of quick turnovers...Toronto is the best int he league at taking care of the ball.  Phoenix can't count on getting them back.

And right on cue the Raptors turn the ball over and the Suns capitalize with a three...just like I said they would.

Markieff went for the poster, looked like a foul but no call. He missed...and Raptors get a three on the other end.

Great move by Tucker off the spin to get to the basket.

Alex Len gets a big time follow dunk and an assisted jump shot on the next possession...He's getting more comfortable and confident with each game.  He's someone who all Suns fans should be very excited about.

Len is also getting his hands on a lot of missed shots that he taps back, even when he can't rebound them.

Suns getting sloppy now...a couple of turnovers on the last couple of possessions.

Although Suns have had some mistakes, their defense is doing a good job of keeping the Raptors from scoring on the other end.

Isaiah Thomas with a three as the buzzer sounds to end the first quarter. Suns up 27-19 on the Raptors after one.

Second Quarter

Gerald Green starts off the second quarter with a three for the Suns...who else?

Another two threes...this time both by Isaiah Thomas who appears to have found his shot.  Suns now up 16.

Suns are playing the piano keys from the "Close Encounters" movie when Isaiah Thomas scores...I think that's new?

Marcus Morris with the dunk...made his defender look "foolish".

Gerald Green lost the ball while dribbling at least twice there, but was determined to get to the rim and got the and-one.

Goran Dragic just took everyone to school on a beautiful drive, stop, then drive again right past the defender for an and-one...that's how it's done ladies and gentlemen.

Alex Len making an impact on offense as well tonight. He's now 4/5 for 8 points to go along with his 4 rebounds in 11 minutes of play.

Alex Len with another thunderous dunk

Tough three-point shot from Ross, then a foul on Amir Johnson brings the Raptors back down just 10 with 2:37 remaining in the 2nd quarter.

Suns get another basket and Bledsoe gets to the line and makes both to put the Suns back up 14

Len picks up his third foul denying Valanciunas under the basket.  He makes one of two

Suns take final shot of half with Bledsoe driving to the rim...looks like contact but no call on the miss.  Suns up 70-53

Suns are doing a great job of running against a road-weary Raptors team. Need to keep intensity going in 2nd half.

Third Quarter

Suns have comfy 17 point lead to open up the third quarter.  Can't start relaxing though.  Raptors allowed the Suns to shoot 78% from the field in the 2nd quarter and score 43 points.  That won't continue.

Alex Len gets an offensive foul to start the third quarter...his fourth.  Plumlee comes in to replace him.  Foul trouble is about the only thing that can stop him tonight.

So far so good.  Suns extend the lead to 21 in first couple minutes of third quarter.

Dragic with a beautiful pass to Bledsoe on the fast break.

Miles Plumlee with a great drive and dunk with the foul...and he makes the free throw!

Goran Dragic making it look easy out there.

Bledsoe is doing a great job of looking for opportunities to score.  he saw Valanciunas holding the ball high and stole it from behind him...leading to a fast break that he was fouled on.

Dragon Three!  Suns now up 25 on the Raptors...running them out of their shoes.

Raptors looking for a reason to give up on final game of long, 6 game road trip before heading back to Toronto...Suns are providing it.

Only thing not going right for Suns is their uncharacteristically poor free throw shooting. Currently at 57%.

Best series of the night for Raptros thus far. Block on Bledsoe on one end and dunk over Plumlee at the other.

Suns missing some opportunities to really put the Raptors away right now.

James Johnson gets a tec for arguing with ref and Gerald Green makes it.  Suns had final play of quarter but offensive foul on Isaiah Thomas to end it.

Suns up 98-76 at the end of the third quarter. Still up 22 points even with a few miscues at the end.

Fourth Quarter

Suns begin the fourth and final quarter with a turnover on a three second violation.  Suns now have 14 turnovers, but are still doing a better job than Toronto who has 19 at the moment.

Goran Dragic hits a three on the next possession...He now has 18.

Gerald Green does some of the craziest things on the court that still sometimes work out in his favor. Because athleticism.

Archie Goodwin getting some minutes now...This is how the Suns should make time for their youngsters, by building big leads.

Isaiah Thomas gets called for his fourth personal foul.  Two have been offensive.

Suns built up a 28 point lead at one point, but have now let it slip back to 21.

Archie Goodwin gets on the board, after what looked like complete chaos offensively

Beautiful fast break and assist from Goodwin to Thomas.

Raptors have cut the lead down to 17 now. Still four minutes to go, and Phoenix can't allow the Raptors to get too hot. Timeout.

Suns put Tyler Ennis & T.J. Warren on the court to (hopefully) close out the game, along w/ Shavlik Randolph, Marcus Morris, Archie Goodwin

Archie Goodwin just went NBA JAM on the Raptors with the best dunk I think I've seen from the Suns all year, and that's saying something!

It's now the Archie Goodwin show...And-one on a nice lay-up at the rim.

Suns close out the game with some pretty good overall play by the rookies to cruise to an easy victory, 125-109

Game Over, Suns Win!

Suns improve their record to 20-16, and mark a season high home winning streak of three in a row.

Yes the Raptors were tired and ready to go home, but the Suns beat a very good opponent tonight, and did it handily.  Quality win tonight for Phoenix.

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