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Bright Side After Dark: Friends of Marcus Morris

Here's a podcast where we talk about things related to the Phoenix Suns. It may be funny, it may not be funny. You don't know until you listen.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I know that we've really sucked at making podcasts lately but really you can blame the football season.  Gibberman wouldn't give up Saturdays even though Michigan finished 2-10 or something while I wouldn't give up Sundays because I love the NFL more than the sound of my own voice (which is saying a lot given how much I love the sound of my own voice).

Anyway -  since we last left you the Suns have played a bunch of basketball games but more importantly, Bryan Gibberman wrote this steaming pile of garbage, which lead to Marcus Morris tweeting this:

And then for some reason Marcus Morris throwing up a block party on Sreekar:

With all that action we naturally spent 45 minutes talking about the Snorks.  You can listen below:

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