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The Madhouse - Week of 10/12/15

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's two preseason games down, four to go before our Suns start playing games that will give us legitimate agita. So far it appears that the strength of this team might be their rotation of big men -- specifically Tyson Chandler, Alex Len, Markieff Morris and ... Jon Leuer?


Elsewhere across the basketball world, the Kobe Bryant and the Lakers looked right dominant ... Against Maccabi Haifa.

In local sporting news, the Cardinals got back on track against the Detroit Lions, like teams have been doing for decades.

(Are the Lions still bad? I don't follow the NFL much ... I assume the Lions are still bad.)

The sixth season of The Walking Dead premiered last night -- Rick Carlisle made a cameo as a desperate man trying to bring a small group of zombies back to their previous form.

And The Martian, a movie with Matt Damon in a non-puppet role, is still no. 1 at the box office.

What's sticking in your craw this week? Sound off here at The Madhouse, the appropriate place for any comment that begins with "off-topic I know, but..."

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