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Intentionally Foul Episode 2: Yelling About The Phoenix Suns

On this episode of Intentionally Foul, Sreekar and Scott Howard respond to the glowing feedback from their debut episode, review the first 2 preseason games, and recap a Twitter fight for whatever reason.

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After all of last week's stellar reviews we tried to do this again but this time we applied some of the helpful suggestions from our readers.  Do you like unreasonable yelling and loud opinions?  Well this is going to be the podcast for you.  Do you like sarcasm?  Well it's gone forever.

Beyond that there's chatter about the Suns first two preseason games, the typical discussion of Markieff Morris, opining on the Twitter war over whether Tyson Chandler is a two-way center, and some overall NBA predictions.

If that isn't enough for you, and if it's not then you probably can't be pleased - check out Sreekar's sweet hat.

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