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Bright Side Night Progress Report: Still so, so far to go to send 1,000 kids to a Phoenix Suns game!

Bright Side has partnered with the Phoenix Suns to collect donations to send as many as 1,000 kids and their chaperones to the November 14 Suns game against the Nuggets. Contribute to the cause - donate now!

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Bright Side Night 2015

It's time for the first update on #BrightSideNight2015 where the Bright Side community raises money to send up to a 1,000 underprivileged kids to a Phoenix Suns game next month, on November 14.

In the first five days, members of the BSotS community have already donated more than 100 tickets, at $16 a pop! That's a great start, but it's only a start. It's a drop in the bucket that I hope will be overflowing by the end of this month.

The game is only a month away, and our community goal is to raise another 900 tickets in that short time.

Update as of 10/15: 176 tickets donated over just under 7 days. Great progress, but still more than 800 to go!

That's where you step in.

Donate now


How are we going to raise another 900 tickets, you ask?

Easy. Bright Side gets a couple hundred thousand unique readers a month from 200 different countries. All we need is 1,000 of us to buy 1 ticket each. Or a hundred of us to buy 10 tickets each. Or some variation in between. That's not a lot to ask, and it would literally change the lives of so many kids!

Be one of those few hundred BSotS readers to make a difference.

Do it now!

The minimum $16 goes a long, long way. It not only buys a ticket for one kid, but it also guarantees a ticket for their chaperone.

A few donators have already bought the 10-ticket package that also gets you your very own pair of lower-bowl tickets for the same game and a pregame Q and A with a Suns front office member. That pair of lower bowl tickets alone is already worth the $160, not to mention the 10-20 tickets you're GIVING to other Suns fans (kids and chaperones). And if you can't use those lower-bowl tickets (because you're not from here, or will be out of town) you can donate THOSE tickets too.

This is really about the kids, not about you or me.

This is our chance as an online community to give back to the Phoenix community in a way we never have before. These young adults and their families need something special in their lives, and this is YOUR chance to give it to them.

For as little as $16, you can make a lifetime difference to a kid, and build a brand new generation of Suns fans in the process.


Here's how it works

  • You click this link to donate:
  • Follow the links, and use the code 'SUNS' when prompted
  • Make sure you select 'Suns Blog Bright Side of the Sun $16 donation' when prompted, then follow the prompts, pick the number of tickets you're buying, and make the payment
  • Select as many tickets as you can afford
  • $16 sends 1 kid to the November 14 Suns game against the Nuggets (chaperones will also get tickets)
  • $32 sends 2 kids to the game, $64 sends 4 of them... you get the picture
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns
  • Upon receipt of that email, your heart grows just a little bit bigger.
  • If you bought 10 tickets at once, the Suns will email you the tickets separately to the email provided on the purchase
  • As we approach November 14, the Suns Community Relations team will identify the kids, get them the tickets, makes sure they all have chaperones, and take care of them on game day.
  • Bright Side takes tons of pictures, interviews some of the kids, and posts a recap on the site.
  • Your heart grows three times that day.

Donate now!

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