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BS of the Sun Podcast 10/20/15: Recapping the preseason

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With just one game remaining in the preseason it's a good time to recap all the action and discuss what we've learned about the Suns going into the season.

He's heating up.
He's heating up.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Dave King joins me again this week as we share our thoughts on the Suns first five preseason games.

We go over the players that sparkled and those who fizzled, how the new puzzle pieces fit and what the rotation might look like to start the season.

Did we learn anything about the Suns in the preseason?

We also take a look at what lies ahead in the next few weeks, including the season's tip off, Steve Nash's Ring of Honor induction, the Markieff/Marcus reunion and Bright Side Night.


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