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2015-16 Bright Side Prediction Challenge!

Get guessing!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Join the 2015 Bright Side Preseason Prediction Challenge! All the credit goes to BSOTS Super Fan Lino Canaan. I just possess the mad copy/paste skills. Have fun!


Hey folks, since the start of the season is rapidly arriving, I thought we might have some fun trying to predict some of the results of the actual 2015-2016 NBA season, the season opener is going up on Tuesday, October 27th.

So here is what we'll do. Based on past stats and our vast and clearly superior knowledge of basketball, we would all try to predict with some level of exactitude some numbers.


How many wins will this Suns squad collect?


How many assists/points will Eric Bledsoe average?


How many rebounds/blocks will Tyson Chandler average?


How many technical fouls will Markieff Morris have by the all-star game? (It does not matter if he gets traded)


At what shooting percentage will Brandon Knight be shooting 3s by the All-Star game?


How many trades will the Suns participate in by the All-Star game?


How many game winners will the Suns allow by the All-Star game?


How many steals for P.J. Tucker this season?


How many points will T.J Warren will average?


In which seed position will the Suns end?

Each correct guess will count for 1 point, the player with the most approximate guess will be rewarded with the point. For those questions that a multiple amount of players might get right, each player will be awarded by the question value. By the end of All-Star week we will have a second post to let players modify their predictions.

These are bonus predictions that will be awarded by 1.5 points.


How many minutes will TC play for the Suns this season?


How many games will Len start for the Suns this season?


How many games will Archie have played by the all-star game?


How many players will the Suns have in the All-Star game?


Who will be the Suns MVP? (Will be decided on a post at the end of the regular season)


Who will lead the squad in rebounds per game?


Who will lead the team in points?


Who will lead the Suns in assists?


Who will have the best FG%?


Which BSOTS writer will have the most recs by the All-Star game?

After a few days, I will collect all the data from the comments, and put it on an excel document, which will be posted on the site. Predictions changes will only be allow on the second post.

What do you win? Bragging rights. Since I lack a way to make a compelling award for this competition, on the pool on this post, the winner of the competition will be rewarded by a nickname. Feel free to suggest a better nickname or an actual award on the comments. (Take in mind, lots of users on the site don't live anywhere near AZ or USA.)

To post your predictions, please just write "1st," and next to it the numbers, then keep on that format.

I deeply recommend Basketball Reference for stats and info. Game on!

And of course don't forget to do your part to keep kids from becoming Spurs or Lakers fans.

Have fun!

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