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The Madhouse - Week of 10/26/15

Got something sticking in your craw? Dig it out here at the Madhouse.

RIP, Flip.
RIP, Flip.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously when I offered to babysit Lisboa's Madhouse duties during his stay in Brazil, I wasn't prepared for the grueling task of preparing these threads every week. I responded the way I normally do when presented with a challenge -- by grabbing the nearest bottle of hooch and crawling under the desk.

It is from under said desk that I am currently dictating these words to my brave assistant, who I will also task with phoning in a bomb threat to Lisboa's current location in order to hasten his return to the U.S., at which point I will implore him to never leave again.

But enough about me.

There were some new movies released this week, I imagine. Probably something interesting happened with a celebrity or two as well.

Tragedy struck the NBA world, where Timberwolves' coach and POBO Flip Saunders died of Hodgkin's lymphoma at the ripe age of 60.

It's still football season -- I know this because I still can't get anyone to meet me for a beer on a Sunday.

Anything chapping yer hide? You came to the right place.

Fire away.

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