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Intentionally Foul Episode 3: Steve Nash's Phoenix Suns Legacy (with Greg Esposito)

In the 3rd episode of Intentionally Foul, Greg Esposito of the Phoenix Suns joins the show to talk about Steve Nash's legacy.

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Yup -  we made it to three episodes.

In this edition of Intentionally Foul, Greg Esposito - Senior Digital Manager of the Phoenix Suns joins us to talk about Steve Nash.  At least that was the idea since Nash is being inducted into the Suns Ring of Honor in Friday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers but there's also an extensive analysis of the career of Ted McGinley and we do our darndest not to get Espo fired from his job.

Beyond McGinley talk we discuss Steve Nash's legacy with the Suns, our favorite Nash moments, favorite Nash games, and favorite Nash running mate.  Believe it or not, we had fun with it - hopefully you will too.

If you disagree with any of our selections I'd advise doing it within the comments below.

As always -  you can listen on SoundCloud here, subscribe on iTunes here, or you can listen to the link below.  We're all about options.   Not to guilt trip you, but if you don't listen then we don't get to eat food for a week.

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