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Happy Birthday, Devin Booker! Phoenix Suns guard turns 19 today

With the new age requirement that NBA players must turn 19 in the calendar year they are drafted, not many 18 year olds suit up in the regular season anymore. No matter how talented you are, if you weren't born in the late fall you can't ever get the chance that Devin Booker got this week.

Devin Booker was lucky enough to be born on October 30. Wish him a happy birthday!

On Wednesday night, he became the first 18 year old since Giannis of the Bucks to score in an NBA game and the first to score 14+ points since Amir Johnson in 2006!

Booker has a bright NBA future. For now, let's remember his fun inaugural game as a Phoenix Sun. Just don't look at the score in the lower corner of this video.

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