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Steve Nash full halftime Phoenix Suns ROH ceremony, plus pre-game presser

Watch the entire forty minutes here. Or, just watch a five minute presser before the game where Nash talks about being honored and needing to be better about accepting praise.

Grab a cup of coffee. Or a coke. Or a beer. Settle in and watch the entire halftime ceremony for Steve Nash.

But if you're just into listening to Steve when he's sober, take five minutes to here him in the pregame presser.

I have to say this was just about my favorite part of the night. I'd never actually been able to cover Nash during his time with the Suns. Back then, I only had my season passes and watched him perform. But being up close just shows how good a guy he really is, and and how self-deprecating and normal he acts.

"It's a good opportunity for me to try to actually take something in in my life," Nash said at the presser. "I downplay everything and I deflect. I have a hard time really kind of accepting, in some ways, my successes, and I think I worked really hard at it. I should try to enjoy tonight and enjoy what we did and it's not easy for me. I really struggle with kind of being comfortable and being applauded, in a way.

"So, having said that, it's been incredible what the organization has done for me. Obviously over the years, of course, but they've really taken care of me and my family to come back and do this. They've gone way above and beyond, so I'm really, really grateful and proud."

Here's the rest of the presser. (I asked the last of the questions)

(On those teams and how fun that style was to play)

"It's amazing to think what we did. Obviously the goal was to win championship and we didn't' do that, so there's always kind of an asterisk there, but at the same time, we changed the game in a way. People play that style of basketball throughout the league almost now and it was a special, special time because something was happening that we didn't really know was happening at the time. The style of basketball - I think people, the world over have stopped me in the streets, all over the globe, and said, ‘I loved watching you guys play and the Phoenix Suns.' And that's not a championship, but it's incredibly rewarding to think that we touched people in that way. A lot of great memories, a lot of great relationships; it's very special for me to be back and to kind of have a moment to share this with everybody, you guys, the organization, my fans, all my friends, family, teammates that have come back for this, it really is special. I feel I want to try my best to take it all in and not avoid or deflect or deny myself that opportunity as I've done for years. Strategically, to keep going forward, I always tried to dismiss everything, but I don't have to play tonight, don't have to play tomorrow, so I can try to take some of it in and enjoy it."

(On his thoughts about the socks the Suns are wearing tonight with his face on them)

"I just want to apologize to the guys. I'm not Brad Pitt. It's obviously another nice gesture."

(On his favorite season in Phoenix)

"I say this all the time, I have a really hard time talking about my favorite season, let alone my favorite game, or play, or series. It all blends into one. You can talk to me about a play or a series if you remind me, but I don't remember any of it off the top of my head. I remember my teammates. I remember the staff, the organization, the people that were here every day doing it with me. I remember the bus, the plane, the locker room, the dinners, the stories. That stuff sticks with me. These things that come up regularly, or often, or consistently, I don't ever see it. They're all special in different ways and it all blends into one. I know that's probably not the answer you want but that's how I feel about it. I remember the relationships more than anything."

(On if he ever imagined he would come back after being traded and have the career he did)

"No. I knew it was a special place when I was drafted by the Suns and I came here - the people, the way the organization was run, what the organization means to the city and the state. It's a very special place to play

basketball and to come back was like coming home in a lot of ways. It's a big circle in some ways and it worked out really, really well for me."

(On whether he got any satisfaction when the Warriors won the championship this past year)

"Yeah, I mean, I don't need it. Losing burns, but you roll the dice and you play for everything and you lose, and it burns forever, but that's what makes the game great. Not everyone can win. We weren't able to win and that's life. But, that's what makes it beautiful. If everyone got the chance to win, what would it really mean? So, I don't really think of it in those terms, but I do take some pride in the fact that people wanted to emulate the way we played. I think there's nothing more gratifying for me than the respect and acceptance of your peers, the players, coaches, and fans that have wanted to see that style of basketball, to emulate the way we played and that's the sincerest form of flattery and it means a lot."

Love this guy

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