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Aftermath: Phoenix Suns Bledsoe, Knight relieved with pasting of short-handed Clippers

The Suns knew they just beat a very short-handed Clippers team, and were just relieved to get the win under their belts.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns busted the Los Angeles Clippers, especially after Blake Griffin was unexpectedly tossed from the game in the late second quarter, going on to win 118-104. Chris Paul and J.J. Redick were already ruled out of the game due to injury.

When Griffin was tossed, the Suns had a lead but the Clippers had just cut that lead to 49-48. After that, the lead got as big as 25 points before the Suns took their foot off the gas and coasted to an easy win.

Brandon Knight tied a career high in scoring and would have had it if the Suns hadn't been in a blowout. Knight was on fire all night long, evidenced by 14-22 shooting including 6-10 on threes.

Coach Hornacek

"Our guards played great tonight," coach Jeff Hornacek said. "Between Bled and Brandon, they shot the ball well. We needed them tonight with Markieff getting hurt early. Those guys really picked us up. TJ gave us a lift off the bench. They were a little under-manned without Chris and JJ, and Blake getting kicked out, but we'll take it."

Heck yeah the Suns will take it. The Suns had lost 8 straight games to the Clippers, and have never beaten a Chris Paul-led Clippers team. Paul was out, as well as starting guard J.J. Redick, so the Suns still haven't done it.

But a win's a win.

Eric Bledsoe

"It's always good to get a win," Bledsoe said. "Having a triple double would've been fun, but at the end of the day it's bigger than me having a triple double, it's about the win."

Bledsoe tried for that triple double, but Suns shots didn't fall in the final minute. He's come oh so close a few times, so you can't fault him for trying to get that final assist in a blowout and after he'd exerted so much energy to get there. No one on the court puts out as much concerted energy as Eric Bledsoe for the Suns.

Brandon Knight

Knight matched a career-high with 37 points, looking smooth as silk on those jumpers. But he didn't just shoot - he handled the ball very well and drove to the hole a few times as well. He's getting that speed back now that the ankle is getting closer to 100%.

"For myself it's just about continuing to play," Knight said. "I put the work in every single day. I've been doing it for a while now. I'm just trying to get back into the flow, trying to get back healthy and trying to get back used to playing. As long as our team is winning I'm happy."

Good win, Suns!

*big thanks to Gerald Bourget of HoopsHabit for getting us those videos!

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