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Suns run simple, smart and effective offense against Lakers

You find signs of a team playing well in the design and execution of seemingly simple plays like this one.

Here's one of many plays the Phoenix Suns ran effectively against the hapless Lakers (that will never get old) defense. There's a few things to look for on this play that all come together to form what coaches like to call "great execution".

1) The Suns set up for that looks like another high pick and roll with Eric Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler. The Lakers see this and sag off because Hibbert lacks the mobility to play that far the paint and the rest of the Lakers defense can't rotate well enough to cover.

2) Phoenix takes advantage of this by having Chandler slip the pick and roll to the rim but note how Tyson calls for a back pick on Hibbert by Jon Leuer. That pick allows Chandler to run free to the rim.

3) At this point it becomes classic read and react for Bledsoe. If Leuer's man switches and covers Chandler than he's wide open for a three. If either of the wing defenders collapse in then Bled can find an open corner shooter.

4) But of course, the crap Lakers do none of that so Chandler simply blocks out Hibbert who's late to recover from the Leuer pick and gives Bledsoe a wide open lane to the rim.

5) What I love about this play is the timing and clean execution of the pick by Leuer which is clearly being directed by Chandler who's playing the role of offensive QB here and the way the play takes advantage of both Chandler's size and smarts and Bledsoe's ability to beat his man in a 1 v 1 situation.

Great play design and great execution. Moar please.

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