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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Lose to New Orleans Pelicans: 120-114

The Suns really needed a win tonight after dropping two on the road, with a tough schedule ahead. But they fell short. Here's what happened.

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The Phoenix Suns started the game with a lineup featuring Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, P.J. Tucker, Markieff Morris, and Alex Len...with Tyson Chandler out due to an illness. As for the New Orleans Pelicans, they began the game with Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Alonzo Gee, Anthony Davis, and Omer Asik.

First Quarter

The Suns start on a Tucker miss near the basket, as Len challenges Holiday on the other end and Asik misses the dunk. Tucker scores on the next possession though, and the Suns are first on the board.

Knight then gets a steal on the next defensive possession and hustles down on a fast break for a layup, then follows that up with a three. Suns up 7-0 early...Good start.

Davis is the first to draw blood for the Pelicans with a runner near the rim...but Knight answers right back at the other end.

Bledsoe gets on the board for the first time tonight with a nice 15-foot jumper. Suns now up 13-4. Timeout once again for the Pelicans.

Suns have started the game with great energy and hustle. As for the Pelicans? Not so much. Hopefully it stays that way.

Brandon Knight is having a great quarter. Now has 12 of the Suns 20 points. Just took Ish Smith to school on a drive to the hoop.

Uh-oh, Ryan Anderson just made his first jump-shot...Suns have to keep him quiet.

Devin Booker comes in for Bledsoe, and scores immediately, on a nice pump fake near the rim.  And, Brandon Knight scores again as well.

Booker hits a three...because of course he does.

Knight finishes the first quarter with 20 points! On pace for an 80 point game. That won't happen, but still...very nice start for BK. Suns up 39-25

Second Quarter

The Suns start the second quarter a little lackadaisical allowing easy baskets inside by the Pelicans...and playing sloppily.

Luckily, Mirza Teletovic can still shoot, and he buries a three to keep the Suns safely ahead....followed up by a Bledsoe drive to the rim.

New Orleans still chipping away at the lead though, as they cut the deficit to 11.

But then T.J. warren happens, as he scored so fast twice in a row that the announcer had to basically repeat his name over the loudspeaker like an echo.

Pelicans call time-out and then Ryan Anderson shoots immediately after the whistle blows for a three before the Suns even looked ready to start playing again.

New Orleans still getting inside too easily though, and they keep catching the Suns leaving the center of the paint...Timeout now Phoenix.

Pelicans now down just nine...Suns can't let up, but they aren't making the right passes at the right times, and it's hurting them.

Markieff has missed three missed jumpers in a row...two of those from three. This is what I mean by passing to the wrong guy.

Now Ish Smith hits a three...because why not?

Ish Smith then hits a buzzer-beater three to end the first half...Are you kidding me?

Suns still up at the end of the half, but just barely. 60-58

Third Quarter

The Pelicans make the first basket of the third quarter and momentarily take the lead. But Markieff hits a shot at the other end.

The Suns just don't have the same aggression, and the Pelicans are now confident...not a good mix for Phoenix.

New Orleans now gets a couple of shots in a row and go up by four. Suns have to find an answer quick. You know what would be great? If Brandon Knight scored again after not doing so at all in the 2nd quarter.

Brandon Knight finally gets back to the line again after not scoring...and scores one. Well, it's something?

The crowd has been taken completely out of this game after a great start only to fall flat since.

Warren gets a basket and Jon Leuer hits a three...small signs of life?

Bledsoe then completes a beautiful no-look pass to a slashing Warren for the basket. Suns back up three!

Brandon Knight finally scores from the field on a beautiful move to the basket.

Pelicans keep scoring at the other end though, and keeping a small lead.

Brandon Knight now hits a three, but Ish answers back with a jumper...from two this time.

the end of the 3rd, Suns are down 88-85

Fourth Quarter

The Suns start the quarter with a nice drive to the basket by Knight, but unfortunately, it rims out.

Warren draws the foul on the next possession though on an and-one. Hits the free throw. Tie game.

Holiday makes his shot though and then Cunningham hits a three, Suns back down five.

Ronnie Price hits a three, then Leuer with a hook shot. Tied again.

Back and forth we go.

Warren with the and-one again. He now has 18.

Pelicans just keep making their shots, behind Anthony Davis who now has 21 points and 12 rebounds.

Jon Leuer hits a three to tie it up once again.

Ish Smith hitting jumpers in the Suns' faces now.

Leuer now has 16 points and 12 rebounds.

Bledsoe with a much needed three.

Ish Smith has 20 points...this is not a drill.

This is going down to the wire. All tied up with 44 seconds left.

Davis with a miss but gets his own rebound and puts it in with 20 seconds left.

Bledsoe can't get the ball to go in on the next drive, then Markieff fouls Holiday who hits both free throws.

Suns lose...this was a tough one to let get away.

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