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Gamethread: Suns vs. Warriors

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let's talk about the basketball!

I asked Hornacek pregame about the challenges of playing the younger guys against a team like this. He said that with Len it's about size and the stretch of games coming up on the road are almost all big teams.

I really liked what he said after that point on Len about why the Warriors are so tough.

"The problems they present is when you're the world champs, you know enough of your reads that you've seen everything. If you try this, they do that. If you try that, they do this. That's why they win championships. You always look at the great teams and they always can adjust to those things."

That's a telling quote because that's the part of basketball that seems so foreign to the Suns, especially in the past two seasons. We are seeing more of that familiarity this season, but they are still pretty far away.


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