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Bright Side Night Update: Phoenix Suns, BSotS to send nearly 700 kids to Suns/Nuggets on Nov 14

The biggest and best thing Bright Side has ever done results in nearly 700 kids having an experience of a lifetime at a Suns game on November 14, 2015. Read on for details.

As you know, the Phoenix Suns and your friendly neighborhood Suns blog have partnered up to send underprivileged kids to a Suns game on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

We had a pre-planned cutoff of last night for ticket donations, and people really stepped up!

Our final* total: 676 tickets donated!

Update: people are still donating, and we are now over 700 tickets for kids and chaperones! Might as well keep this thing going!

That's 676 kids and chaperones who get to attend a Phoenix Suns game for the first time next Saturday. Our Suns rep, Lauren Baum, will be personally delivering the tickets to the various organizations this week, making sure they are all used by the kids we've targeted. That's a big job, but Lauren has the whole Suns customer relations group behind her on this.

On Saturday, we at Bright Side will be there to welcome them, take pictures and make sure their night is a big hit. We plan on having our part-time videographer, Even Wendt, there to film the festivities.

The Phoenix Suns will have representatives as well to make sure it's a great night for the kids. The kids will get some bling, including a We Are PHX tote bag, as a souvenir.

Here's some interesting stats on those of you who donated:

  • donated at least 1 ticket - 138 donors
  • donated 10+ tickets - 47 donors
  • most tickets donated by any one person -30 tickets
  • 10+ purchasers who re-donated their lower bowl tickets - still working on this, so far 7 but still working with at least 17 more people'
  • Other interesting fact about the purchases - A little over 10% were purchased yesterday-on the last day to buy, the biggest surge in ticket sales were the days after games

What an accomplishment!

This is huge, folks. HUGE! We are giving back in a way that changes some lives for the better, and every single one of them will - at the least - have a new life experience on which to draw a smile whenever they need it.

I can't wait till Saturday night!


*Even though we hit the deadline, the Suns will still accept donations for you stragglers who still want to contribute:
  • Click this link to donate:
  • Follow the links, and use the code 'SUNS' when prompted
  • Make sure you select 'Suns Blog Bright Side of the Sun $16 donation' when prompted, then follow the prompts, pick the number of tickets you're buying, and make the payment
  • Provide the payment method, and voila! you're done
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns

*If you donated 10 tickets, you will get a separate call from a Suns rep to discuss your free pair of lower bowl tickets. You can use them yourself, give them to anyone you want, or donate them as well. Your call!

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