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Phoenix Suns sit in lower half of most NBA power rankings

The Suns shaky start has them in the lower half of many early season power rankings.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We'll start off with's Power Rankings.

Writer John Schuhmann has the Suns sitting at 21, a drop of four points of where they were in his same rankings last week. Golden State is number 1 is his rankings, Cleveland is 2, and the Detroit Pistons come in at 3. The winless Pelicas, Sixers and Nets round out the bottom three.

Next, we visit Marc Stein over at ESPN for his take. Stein has the Warriors, Cavs and Hawks all in his top three with the Suns sitting at 23, a five point drop from where Phoenix stood last week. The Lakers, Sixers and Nets finish off the rankings at 28, 29 and 30, respectfully.

Now we head over to check out CBS Sports' Power Rankings by Matt Moore.

The Suns come in at a staggering 13th in these rankings, moving up six spots from his rankings a week ago, while Golden State, Cleveland and Atlanta sit in the top three.

Keeping it going, we visit Sports Illustrated's Power Rankings by Jeremy Woo. He has Phoenix at 21, and there's no surprise who the top two teams are. Unlike, the other three sites, Woo has San Antonio at number three.

Lastly, we'll take a look at NESN's Power Rankings, which puts Phoenix at 16. Writer Darren Hartwell has Golden State, Cleveland and Atlanta in his top three.

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