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T.J. Warren is second in his draft class in PER

The 14th overall pick has really been playing well.

Reddit user ORANG_DRAGIC compiled a whole bunch of stats on the 2014 draft class. T.J. Warren is way up near the top in a bunch of categories.

From reddit:

I just did a stat roundup for the 14 draft class. TJ Warren is 2nd in PER and leads the class in TS%, FG%, OWS, and WS/48. Check out the full list.

Here, indeed, is the full list:


Stats are per 100 possessions.
Bolded stats are top in each category
Stats are for 2015 so far, unless the player has not played this season, then last year's stats are used.
Zach LaVine (!?) leads the class in PER, so far.
TJ Warren may be the best offensive player drafted, definitely the most efficient.
I chose the top 17 because two of the top 15 have not yet played (both 76ers)
If you love defense, then Jusuf Nurkic was the steal of the draft so far

Top 5 in PER so far are:

Zach LaVine
TJ Warren
Aaron Gordon
Andrew Wiggins
Julius Randle

Thanks for compiling all that ORANG_DRAGIC!

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