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Watch Alex Len grow up before our eyes - 19 points, 13 rebounds vs Pelicans

Phoenix Suns young center, 22 year old Alex Len is playing better than at any time in his career. He's getting consistent with his quickness, and even on offense he's playing on instinct rather than overthinking.

Here's Len's numbers over the past 10 games, which are up (in green) compared to others on the team.


The club's scoring is becoming more balanced, even if that's not translating to many wins. Len has become a strong offensive player when given the ball in position to score.

Despite not starting every game this season, you can see his production is up while playing fewer total minutes per game.


He's getting to the free throw line more than ever and has reduced his fouls committed every single year.

And here's Len's per-36 numbers this year over last year.


So by now you must be asking...

Why isn't Alex Len playing bigger minutes, starting every game?

And/or why doesn't the national coverage mention Len in the conversation of young big men?

Context is everything. While Len is getting better and better, there is no dearth of young big men in the game of basketball this year.

Among 22-and-unders who are at least 6'10", Len ranks about mid-pack on per-36 numbers.


Len is (on a per-36 minute basis):

  • 10th in scoring
  • 4th in rebounding
  • 10th in assists
  • 8th in steals
  • 8th in blocks

Considering Tyson Chandler just last season was one of the league's best big men in offensive efficiency and finished 3rd in dunks and 5th in rebounds among big men of ANY age, there's a good reason Chandler is still being given every chance to man the middle.

But it sure is fun to see Len progress!

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