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Final Score: Take a wild guess...yep you're right another Suns loss

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even going to recap this abomination of a game. The Phoenix Suns players should be ashamed of themselves.

If the Suns best players don't even bother to show up to play, why should I take the time to write a detailed, informative recap?

Sounds petty of me. That's like saying 'I'm taking my plastic truck and going home! humpf!'

And I agree.

But how is my childish reaction any different than the professional basketball players I just saw take the court against the Utah Jazz?


That's exactly how my mail-in of a recap is different than the Suns players' mail in of this game.

They clearly decided not to show up. They clearly decided they don't want to follow the rules, run the plays, stay in their own lanes and play hard-nosed basketball.

They clearly decided that by making tens of millions of dollars to PLAY A GAME is too much to ask to actually play the game hard. Maybe that's not in the contract. Maybe the contract only says 'play basketball' and these guys have decided that means putting on the uniform and jacking up shots.

Maybe I'm overreacting.

Maybe a full healthy Suns team SHOULD have lost by double digits to a team that, without Rudy Gobert, is playing the worst defense in the league.

Maybe a fully healthy Suns team SHOULD have given up a 9-point lead in the final seven minutes to one of the worst offensive and defensive teams of the 2015-16 season.

Maybe a $70 million guard SHOULD fail to show up to the last couple games.

Maybe another $70 million guard SHOULD continue to take stupid 22-footers and make stupid turnovers in closing seconds.

Maybe the $52 million center SHOULD move around like he suddenly turned 52 years old.

Maybe the players SHOULD decide they don't care what play is called, that they will just barrel to the basket and see what happens.

Maybe the 19 year old SHOULD be the smartest basketball player on the floor.

Go ahead. Get your coach fired. I'm sure that HORNACEK is the real problem, and as soon as you get a new coach you'll play like the awesome playoff team you think you should be.

Good work, Suns. You made the nicest and smartest guy in the building the scapegoat by letting him coach out the last year of his contract while giving long term deals to unproven players.

I wish the best for you, Jeff Hornacek. May your future be as golden as some of the other good people who've left town in recent seasons.

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