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FanDuel info for Phoenix Suns vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Tyson Chandler loves the 76ers.

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You know the drill. Get started with FanDuel today. Here's your link to join. I'll add it at the bottom as well, so read ahead, sign up,  pick your lineup, and leave it in the comments below. When you're done, brag on Twitter with #FanDuelSBN.

Phantasy Phix

Phoenix has lost, lost, and lost some more. They are travelling down a dark road of unwatchability. We've never needed one-day fantasy basketball more than we do today. Philly is historically bad. You knew that.

Who loves the 76ers?

Tyson Chandler. Last season Chandler, then with the Dallas Mavericks, had arguably his best game of the 2014-15 season against Philadelphia. In 31 minutes, he scored 20 points and pulled down 13 rebounds.

Who hates the 76ers?

Brandon Knight. Knight averages 13.5 ppg against Philadelphia, his lowest against any Eastern Conference opponent not named the Miami Heat (13.3).

Who loves the Suns?

What I wrote before Tony Wroten was released:

Tony Wroten. It's hard to find anyone on this Philadelphia 76ers squad who have contributed much against the Suns, but Wroten's played well against Phoenix in his career. In five career games he's averaged 13.8 points on 48% shooting including 40% from behind the arc when facing the Suns.

What I'm writing after the trade:

No one. ACTUALLY, TAKE ISH SMITH. No, take no one. Ok, maybe Jahlil Okafor . Or no one.

Who hates the Suns?

Kendall Marshall. Since departing Phoenix, the former Sun has hit just 20% of his three-point attempts against his ex-employer, his lowest against all Western Conference opponents.

Last Call

Go sign up for FanDuel and help restore watchability to Phoenix Suns basketball. The link one more time for you. Show off your GM talent in the comment section below, and use #FanDuelSBN to brag, brag, and brag some more. Good luck!

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